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Who is Irvine Financial?

Our Mission Statement

Continually earning your trust by exemplifying the highest standards of wealth management and by investing your family’s money as we do our own family’s.


Why Irvine Financial?

Unmatched Skill Set

Our skills, knowledge, and experience in the financial industry are unparalleled, with more than 25 years of experience. Irvine Financial constantly keeps abreast to the ever-changing nature of the industry making our clients’ financial journey smooth and objectives attainable.

Close Client Relations

Our objective is to get to know “you” as a person, rather than just you as a “client”. A more personal relationship provides a complete understanding of your goals and aspirations. As we learn more about you and your family personally we can tailor your financial plan to be more individualized and thorough. In meeting our clients' financial needs we develop a personalized portfolio based on their current circumstances, financial means, and risk tolerance. We take time to conduct regular reviews with our clients in order to keep current with any of life’s major changes. Our ongoing reviews also allow the opportunity to make the necessary changes to our clients’ portfolio in order to maximize their ability to reach their financial goals.

Extensive Resources

Personalized financial plans require consideration of multiple factors and attention to a client’s personal circumstance. Depending on a client’s financial position and personal goals their needs can be quite simple or it can be extremely complex. To ensure a client receives the best advice, in an industry with constantly changing policies and procedures, it is vital that we keep current in our knowledge to provide the most appropriate information. Our relationship with leading financial institutions provides us with extensive resources that offer us ongoing education and training. We also have access to specialists in particular fields, to ensure our clients’ needs are fully tended to. To learn more please contact your advisor.

Irvine Financial's Commitment

We will always keep your best interests at heart by providing quality, unbiased and trustworthy advice to assist you in achieving your personal financial objectives. We will continue to strive to exceed your expectations in terms of service and advice, to contribute to your well being, and to help you grow and protect wealth for you, your family and future generations.

Meet the Irvine Team

BJ Estes
Certified Life Insurance Broker

Phone: (250)585-0377

BJ Estes joined Irvine Financial in 2009 as a Certified Life Insurance Broker. Since joining the team he has become an excellent life protection planner. Life insurance is an integral part of any financial plan and BJ excels at creating plans that fit clients' needs, while respecting affordability, in every situation. His product knowledge, personality, and charisma make him a pleasure to work with. Working with BJ assures experience, integrity, and safety in his advice and approach for planning the future. BJ’s ability invokes confidence as an insurance broker, and his personality makes him a strong asset to our team. Our hope is that you will enjoy working with BJ as much as we do!

Outside his work, BJ has been a resident of Nanaimo since 2000 and lives a very active community minded life with his beautiful young family. His wife Ruth and daughters Lyric and Londyn motivate him to be successful and driven in this business.

BJ Estes is associated with Irvine Financial only and is not registered in any capacity with Worldsource Financial Management Inc. Worldsource Financial Management Inc. is responsible for mutual fund-related business activities conducted by its Registrants only, and is not responsible for the business activities of other related or unrelated individuals and/or organizations. 

Allison Haapala
Executive Assistant
Licensed Associate, Worldsource Financial Management Inc.

Phone: (250)585-0377

Allison joined Irvine Financial in February of 2015 as the Executive Assistant to CEO Donald Irvine. She brings over 25 years’ experience in bookkeeping, accounting and business administration to the team. Her experience combined with her education proves valuable to the firm as a whole. She continuously provides the highest level of excellence and proficiency in all her duties.

As Ivan's Executive Assistant, not only is Allison responsible for processing all financial transactions, but also all other duties required as Ivan's right hand person. Allison’s impeccable work ethic and exceptional customer service and professionalism make her a joy to work with daily.

Aside from her tasks at the firm, Allison is also an active member of the community, living in Nanaimo with her family.