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 How to read your statement:

Worldsource is pleased to announce the launch of the new Corporate Statements effective with the June 30, 2012 statement. Click here to learn how to read your Worldsource Consolidated Statement (opens a new window).

Please note that we have identified some issues that WFM has informed us they are working to resolve these as quickly as possible.

  • Systematic Plans - in those situations where a client has multiple systematic plans running on the same account not all details will be included. This is an error in our previous statements that had not been previously identified and will be corrected for the September 30th run. If a systematic plan (PAC/SWP) is inactive but it does not have a stop date, it will report on the statement. This is consistent with the previous statement format and will be investigated for a resolution with the Sept 30, 2012 statement run.
  • Alpha Sort of Holdings in the Portfolio Account Details - the holdings are sorted by Canadian then Foreign Holdings and within each it will be sorted Alphabetically. However we will be working to change the sort to Alpha only as the distinction between Canadian and Foreign has been removed.
  • Cash Transactions and Running Balance - the closing cash balance and the cash balance reported at the Portfolio level are accurate and match however, if there is a pending cash transaction at the end of the period, the running cash balance total will not match the closing cash balance total. This occurred in the previous version however in that version the closing cash balance did not match the cash balance reported at the holdings level. This impacts very few statements (approx 0.03%) of all statements issued.
  • Change in Market Value section - This section includes any deposits or withdrawals that may have been made in the period. This is not just a reflection of what has occurred in the Market.

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